Class Descriptions: 

contemporaryTRAP: This class is highly physical and highly sensational. I approach this class the same way I approach my research: How can we locate pleasure and euphoria in the body as we dance and carry with us the real stakes involved with being a part of our culture? Through looking at the multiple ways in which the body can process and produce movement influenced by an Africanist vernacular and aesthetic we will investigate the ways in which we use the strength and agility of the body to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into a deep questioning of our physical practice. This includes but is not limited to; falling into different rhythms and directions by utilizing movement that invites us to be off balance, constantly shifting our weight, challenging our musicality and creating space that allows us to feel the volume of our kinesphere so that we may build trust within our moving selves. This also includes but is not limited to, trap music. 

Hip Hop: This class aims to provide a broad general knowledge of various hip-hop styles that appear in Popular culture as well as a demanding physicality.  Students will be able to work on their stamina and build a diverse set of skills that will aid them in the future in all styles of movement through a hip-hop lens. Music and material will range and vary from conventionally recognizable hip-hop styles to more non-conventional or underground movements/styles, and the course itself thrives on its identity as a hip-hop fusion.

Jazz Funk: What is Jazz Funk? It’s amazing. That’s what it is. This class is an investigation into the relationship between hip hop, house, jazz technique, high physicality and musicality. I’m investigating the ways in which we can locate euphoria and pleasure within the moving body as we digest our place within current societal relations. How can we use dance as a vessel to achieve this? What is the place and importance of music and pop culture in this investigation? (We shall find out). This class focuses on the development of body awareness, artistic expression, movement quality and spatial awareness. Other focuses for the class include taking risks, building confidence, and using movement as a vehicle for stepping outside of our comfort zones :). Students will be able to build a diverse set of skills that will aid them in the future in all styles of movement through a jazz funk lens.

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